3G, 4G, and Now 5G—Understanding the Generations of Wireless Broadband

We’ve all heard the terms 3G and 4G, and there’s even a few of us who have heard whispers about the possible future release of 5G, but for crying out loud, what do all of these G’s mean and why should you care?!

Well, first off—the “G” you’re so used to seeing at the top of your smart phone simple means generation. So far, we have 3 back to that in a moment.

Currently, 3G is a bit old hat; it’s like the flip phone—when it first hit the streets, we were all “OoooOOo… ahhhhh…” but now we’re like, “Man, this is lame and slow”. So goes the technology wave.

What’s happening now is 4G—but how long is that going to last? It seems as though it won’t have that long of a run in the sun with Samsung announcing recent breakthroughs in 5G technology. Apparently, these breakthroughs could give the average consumer the ability to download a 3D film in a second. On 4G, such a feat would require at least 30 minutes to an hour on most connection speeds. However, on 5G it would take less time for me to just download something and show you how fast it is than to tell you about it… that’s impressive.

Of course, that isn’t to say that 4G isn’t impressive; it was a vast improvement from 3G. Must like 5G will be a vast improvement from 4G (100 times faster) when it gets here. You can find out about the NBN rollout in your area with iinet by visiting their site.

Let’s dive in deeper…

3G—So Long Old Friend.
If you’re still on 3G you need to do yourself a favor and get with the times! There is, however, a reason we still even mention 3G—it was great! A huge improvement over its 1G and 2G predecessors (you don’t see me going into any details about those, do you?).

For those of us who remember the release of 3G, we loved it. We did; we loved the now archaic 600Kbps (kilobits per second) to 1.4Mbps (megabits per second). Today’s youth would have no patience for it; they would likely whine and kick their phone under a car wheel, but they never had to experience the dreaded pre-3G speeds like we did. They have 4G!

4G—Technology’s “Flavor of the Month”
Our fourth generation was, indeed, a vast improvement over 4G; it’s to the point now where most wireless and mobile broadband providers refuse to carry 3G and any phones out there still on it will no longer receive updates. It’s all about the 4G and, really, it only benefits you to make the switch — it’s FAST!

With both LTE and WiMAX technology integration, devices on 4G broadband experience speeds ranging from 5 to 12Mbps; it’s superior to 3G in every way when it comes to speed and that’s what matters! SPEED. Our entire social infrastructure now hinges upon how quickly we can get information and how quickly we can send it—all multitasking, video games, business or personal videos, etc. have been vastly improved by the introduction of 4G.

So, what’s next?

5G—Wave to the Future
So far, there isn’t much to report on the 5G front; it’s still a big mystery wrapped in opaque paper. However, we do know that it’s in development, and as mentioned, there have been breakthroughs made by Samsung—which, I’m positive, their stock enjoyed.

In May of this year (2013) Samsung announced that their upcoming 5G technology would render speeds of more than 1Gb (gigabit) per second over a two-kilometer distance; further elaboration included, “This new technology will allow users to transmit massive data files, including high-quality digital movies, practically without limitation. As a result, subscribers will be able to enjoy a wide range of services, such as 3D movies and games, real-time streaming of ultra high-definition content, and remote medical services.”

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