Fidget Cube crusades past its goal

With a target of $15,000 you’d think this cube-shaped desktop-toy would really struggle though with more than 20 days to go the Fidget Cube has already picked up an eye-watering $5,000,000 in backing..


That’s an incredible figure! How on did the designers achieve it? Whilst it might be worth analysing the campaign to see where and when it’s been covered the secret seems to be in the product itself; a six-sided gadget featuring a joystick, rocker switch, gears, clickable ball, spinner, buttons and more –  ecstasy to any fidgeteer. Annoyingly simple and, presumably, amazingly satisfying at the same time.

Here’s a few GIFs to while away a few seconds. Watching their $5,000,000 figure grow every few seconds on their kickstarter page is a little more amazing – check it out


Features of the Fidget Cube


Fidget Cube colours


The retro version (based on the SNES, it would seem)

Well done to the makers, we are in awe! Click here to visit the Fidget Cube Kickstarter page and get one for your pocket.

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