Angry Bird Air Swimmers – Just Add Helium!

We’ve been given one of these cool looking Angry Bird Air Swimmers – a life sized remote control toy to fly around your home/school/office/shopping centre/bus* – the possibilities are endless!
*we do not recommend flying one of these on any bus

Unfortunately, here at the headquarters we don’t have a helium tank…..(it’s on our ‘must get’ list) so we couldn’t test out this awesomely fun looking gadget – apparently you can simply take it to your nearest party shop or florist and ask them to ‘fill her up’ before taking the flight controls and taking off.

Having an Angry Birds Air Swimmer is like playing angry birds in real life – you get to knock things over time and time again. It blows up to about 3 and a half feet and has a flying altitude of about 5 feet – you can treat your home like a maze and have competitions maneuvering the bird into a pre-determined destination….or you could just bash into people until they get fed up and burst it!

Check out the video below to see the Angry Bird Air Swimmer in action! What fun!

[youtube id=”U8pyzOkTiAU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Where to buy?
iwoot | amazon | ebay

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