BOT-L-BIT: A Hex Bit Bottle Opener

The BOT-L-BIT: Hex Bit Bottle Opener launched on KickStarter today. Whilst it sounds like some sort of spell from an 90’s computer game it’s name is fairly self explanatory – a bottle opening bit that you can stick on the end of your screwdriver – quite genius though who wants to raid their tool chest to open a beer? Not I but I wouldn’t say no to anyone who does (editor: hex-bit cutouts are common place in today’s pocket tools… but then so are bottle openers).

Side view of the well-engineered BOT-L-BIT

It’s a genius design and would be a great addition to any tool chest or drawer. Its claim to be ‘the only hex bit cap lifter in the universe’ led us to this….. a high-end, solid brass, made in the USA, 5.5 inch hex (bit?) bottle opener. At $68 it seems like the Iacoli & McAllister Hex Opener may be aimed at a different league of clientele, perhaps the sort who may not own a screwdriver (or who can afford not to!)

The BOT-L-BIT doing what it does best

The inventors of the BOT-L-BIT are hoping to secure $9000 (€8019) to get it into production. Early birds can pick one up for just $8 – we’re all in favour of ingenuity, good design and quality manufacture so here’s hoping they  reach their goal. Good luck fellers!

Chilln with his homies

Head over to the kickstarter page for more info & to support the BOT-L-BIT makers….

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