A Review Of The Tick-Tock-Dock From Edifier


Wake up to the sound of music….from your iPod, iPhone or the FM Radio! This ingenious device from Edifier describes itself as a ‘Docking Alarm Clock Speaker System with FM Radio’ and does exactly that;

  • Charges your iPod/iPhone
  • Doubles as a superb quality speaker system
  • Has built in FM radio
  • Serves as a brilliant replacement for your bedside alarm clock


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The Perfect Bedside Companion
The unit is of a superior build quality, it’s sturdy yet sleek and sits unobtrusively on any bedside table. The Tick Tock Dock pivots perfectly making it easy to position it where you want it. The device features an auxiliary 3.5mm input jack letting you connect just about any audio device to the Tick Tock Dock – not just your iPod and iPhone. This 3.5mm input jacks means that you could even connect your cassette player, time to dig out that copy of Now 12!

The Dock which holds the iPod or the iPhone in place can be concealed within the Tick Tock Dock when it’s not in use, this protects the connections from dust and makes the Tick Tock Dock that bit sleeker. The FM radio has 24 presets and can automatically scan through and tune itself.

Tiny Speakers – Massive Sound
The Sound from the Edifier Tick Tock Dock comes out of a pair of 1½ inch ‘omni-directional full range’ speakers, the sound quality is fantastic and the volume loud enough to upset the neighbours. Edifier prides itself on sound and the Tick Tock Dock is a fine ambassador showcasing their ability.

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Stay in Bed at the Weekends – Unlike your conventional alarm clock the Tick Tock Dock Alarm can be set to only go off on weekdays. Check out the Tick Tock Dock video below and let us know what you think!

[youtube id=”5xzDctSQgYs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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