Felcana – Know your pet, inside & out

How about a kickstarter for your pet? One that lets you know how they’re feeling and gives you clues as to what might be bothering them.

The New Year will soon be upon us, before long you’ll be promising the world that you’ll get fitter, watch less TV and learn a language but what about your pets? How are they doing? Here’s a Kickstarter that’ll let them tell you how they are.

Felcana is a new suite of smart monitoring devices designed to communicate and log your pet’s activities. It’ll either give you peace of mind or early indications that something might just not be right. Felcana monitors your pet’s health, activities, and behaviour wherever they are, inside or out.

There are three core components to Felcana:

  1. Helix, a smart device that attaches to your cat or dog’s collar.
    Helix clips onto your pet’s collar and is worn at all times. It continuously monitors your pet’s activity and habits. It tracks your pets’ exercise and activity, temperature, sleeping habits, eating and drinking patterns. Helix is fitted with the Felcana Flashback light which is activated via the Felcana app. The light can be set as a constant beam, or to blink. The ‘invisible leash’ feature will automatically turn the  light on if your pet wanders too far from you, making it easier to track your cat or dog over greater distances.
  2. Micro-location Beacons, to detect where your pet is and where it’s been.
    Felcana’s micro-location Beacons are small sensors that can be placed around your home. The Beacons are best placed in high-traffic areas, such as by your pet’s bed, attached to their feeding bowls, or next to a cat flap. When your pet comes within range of these Beacons (set at variable ranges up to 10m), they interact with the Helix device. Helix registers your pet’s interaction with these areas, turning these interactions into useful data which is continuously analysed by the Felcana app.
  3. Home Hub, a charging station for the Helix and a data store for your pet’s behaviours.
    Helix perfectly fits into the Home Hub to charge, once charged you receive a notification via the Felcana app. But the Home Hub is so much more than a charging station. It’s the connector between Helix, the Beacons, and the Felcana platform. The Helix device sends all its data to the Home Hub, which then pushes this up to Felcana’s cloud computing system. Once all the data is on the Felcana platform, intuitive machine learning is able to analyse a pet’s behaviour and activity patterns. Felcana learns about your pet as an individual, and tailors its insights around each pet’s unique behaviour.

Felcana is subscription-free; there’s no monthly fee or annual payment you just pay once, which, at the early-bird rate, is just €68 (a massive 47% discount)

Not only does Felcana give you get indicators as to how Tabby or Boxer are doing but it gives your vet the data they need for early prognosis or to monitor recovery. Dr James Andrews, vet and inventor of Felcana says: “As vets we can struggle to get the low down from our canine and feline friends. Even the most devoted owner can’t answer every single question we might have. Felcana sheds light on clinical blind spots, providing hard data for vets and peace of mind for owners. We don’t have to ask how much water a dog is drinking, we know. It means quicker, more certain treatment.”

Felcana looks to be a very powerful product not only for the pet lover but for cats and dogs worldwide. We’d suggest bagging yours before the early bird discount runs out and let 2017 be the year you started listening to your pet.

Click here to read more or to back the Felcana on Kickstarter (tell your pets we’re thinking of them)

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