Introducing the Doro 6520

Bigger. Louder. Clearer. Easier – just some of the many selling points of Doro’s elegant and feature-packed 6520. A phone designed to reconnected the older generation which it does in style and with ease.

Swedish-based mobile phone manufacturer, Doro, markets its mobiles mainly at the 65+ age group, where limited sight, hearing, movement, dexterity and memory are important factors in mobile design. Doro’s innovations in the field and its dedication to its audience has led to their mobiles being recognised as the best on the market for this age group.

The 6520 features a large 2.8? screen and high contrast buttons in a neat, clamshell design. Its soft rubber coating ensure that its easy to grip and its moderate size looks to fit the bill perfectly – not intrusively big or impossibly small.

Like any modern-day phone, the 6520 comes complete with games, a calculator, an alarm clock, calendar, predictive text, SMS and MMS functionality, note taking features, a 2MPcamera, colour display, customizable wallpaper, bluetooth etc etc but the 6520 offers a lot more. Many of the 6520’s features are designed specifically for the older user including a reminder system, talking keys, a speakerphone, a maximum ring volume of 83 decibels, large onscreen text, an amazing 380 hours of standby time, a simple-to-use interface, the ability to hide unwanted functions, hearing aid compatibility, simple contrast adjustment and a built in Assistance button to name a few. The built-in FM Radio is a welcome feature which is omitted from most other smartphones.

The Doro Assistance button means that a loved one, a neighbour or a carer can be contacted at the touch of a button. Numbers can be assigned to the Assistance button and, when activated, the phone will dial the first phone number on the list until it is answered or until it times out before dialling the second and third and so on. It’s this feature that gives peace of mind, knowing that if your loved one is in bother they can easily call for help.

The ability to hide unwanted functions give an even cleaner and simpler interface, it holds up to 500 phonebook entries and keeps the 10 most commonly used contacts at the top of the list, making it easy to use.

In Doro’s own words the 6520 lets you “enjoy an elegant camera phone made simple, with convenient ways to communicate and enjoy access to e-mail and the Internet for staying connected everywhere. Share photos and listen to your favourite MP3 music or FM radio. Other practical features include weather, reminders, wakeup alarm, vibrating ringer and more.” We wholeheartedly agree and credit Doro for leading the way in accessible, mobile phone design.

Treat your mother, your gran, your great uncle or your neighbour to the Doro 6520 and let them enjoy their mobility whilst giving you peace of mind. The 6520 can be purchased from Vodafone priced at €79.99 on pay as you go or from Carphone Warehouse at €79.99 on pay as you go or from free on contract.

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