Ireland’s Top 20 Instagrammers

Well, it’s official, instagram is now a ‘must have’ social media account. Yes facebook is one, and twitter, snapchat maybe (if your 12) but two or three’s not enough… where on earth are you going to share your pictures of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dates, sunsets… breakfast, lunch, dinner, dates… you can’t just let them sit on your phone, can you? Get them out there! Share them with other breakfast, lunch, dinner, date lovers and get noticed!

Ok ok, yes, Instagram is to be taken seriously and it’s not just for sharing food and pouts, there were a whole 20 categories at last weeks Huawei Snapys Award;

  • Beauty
  • Best Community
  • Dublin
  • Family
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • GAA
  • Health & Fitness
  • Ireland
  • Music
  • No Filter
  • People
  • Pets
  • Selfie
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Wild Atlantic Way
  • Wild Card
  • Honorary Winner

If you’re not on instagram then, well, you may as well cover yourself in buffalo urine and walk around naked chasing anyone who looks at you. And while you’re doing that,  Ireland’s top 500 instagrammers along with a selection of her journalists were piled into the Mansion House, Dublin for a good old shin dig applauding each others’ efforts and awaiting, with bated breath on who was to be crowned Ireland’s Insta-Kings and Queens.

Over 35,000 entries were recieved and 55,000 votes cast. The awards trended on twitter for a whole 14 hours and 96% of Ireland’s instagram users heard about it.

Connector’s CEO, Conor Lynch, the man behind Huawei Snapys said “The idea for The Snapys came from our love for sharing mobile photos on Instagram and social events. We were delighted that with Huawei on board last year, together we have helped many talented photographers get national awards and professional projects. Connector is all about connecting people online and offline and we are very excited to launch The Snapys awards in the UK before Christmas”.

A €10,000 prize fund alone is reason alone to get yourself an insta account and start snapping. Liz Stowe, this year’s overall winner will be sent, all expenses paid, to Shenzhen, China in January 2017 along with the winners of the other 10 European countries to take more pictures and to get coached by 4 mentors. Sounds a decent gig.

Without further ado, here’s the winners of this year’s Huawei Snapys Awards.

Huawei Grand Prize Winner;
Liz Stowe (@eliza_dolally) – Love is…
Beauty winner
Owen O’Connor (@owenoconnor) – Bronagh
Best Community
Liz Stowe (@eliza_dolally) -You’re Only Massive
Rachel Howe (@rachelhowephotograph) – Hawk Cliff, Killiney
Charlotte Hancock (@charlotteh_90) – Family Love
David Gannon (@davidgannonphotography )
Frances Walsh (@thehonestproject)
Paul Doyle (@pdpdoyle) New Flood lights at Netwatch Cullen Park
Health and fitness
Sinead Dunne (@moonsyoga) Last Weekend in the Kingdom!!!
Huawei P9
Sean Og Dunleavy (@seanogd) A Wicklow Gap
Ina O’ Murchu (@iomurchu) Irish Central
Emily O’Neill (@throughemseyes00) @bradleywillsimpson
No filter
Cormac McMullen (@cormacmcmullen) for No Filter. Turning White Rock Blue
Andrew Sykes (@meandmygsd) – Throw back Thursday
Fergal O’Keeffe (@fergalokeeffe)
Cormac Campbell (@cormac.campell) Lunch Time
Janet Philips (@jannythepanny) Unseasonably warm weather tonight
Wild Atlantic Way
Paul Gallagher (@polg33) Waves dissipating on to rocks, west of Belmullet
Avril Glavin (@avrilsinstaphotos)

Congratulations to all the winners. @eliza_dolally, @owenoconnor@rachelhowephotography@charlotteh_90@davidgannonphotography@thehonestproject@pdpdoyle@moonsyoga@seanogd, @iomurchu@throughemseyes00, @cormacmcmullen, @meandmygsd@fergalokeeffe@cormac.campell@jannythepanny@polg33@avrilsinstaphotos)

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Think ye can do better? Get yourself an insta account and get snappn, maybe see ye at next year’s do!

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