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Clean Up With A Jetstorm!

The new JetStorm provides the same powerful shower experience as a full-flow shower, but uses 45% less water. Its currently saving UK and Irish households hundreds of thousands of pounds on hot water bills while cutting water wastage and carbon emissions.

This fantastic, water-saving gadget can reduce your hot water bills by up to 40%. The new JetStorm showerhead from ecocamel is heralded as the ‘world’s most advanced eco showerhead‘. It was designed by British inventor Robin Whitfield and was awarded the Rushlight Award in 2010 for water management.

The secret to its success is its unique and patented twin ‘InJet technology,’ at the base of the JetStorm shower head handle is a small air inlet which enables the JetStorm to mix air and water at high speed to create a high pressure shower whilst saving on water. When air is mixed with water in this way it creates an invigorating spa shower sensation, the water droplets burst easily onto your skin and soak you more efficiently without splashing or wasting water. This unique design enables the JetStorm shower head to use less water without compromising on the whole showering experience. Less water usage means less energy used to heat the water which will cut your bills and help to save the environment.

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“Sleek and Stylish”

The JetStorm Features:

  • A large faceplate for an even shower spray
  • Wipe clean rubber nodules to prevent the build up of limescale
  • Coloured trims to add style to any shower room
  • Easy to install (will fit any standard shower hose including electric and power showers)

The JetStorm Shower Head is available online from ecocamel for just €59.80, or £49.95 for residents of Northern Ireland. According to independent tests the JetStorm can pay for itself in just 3 months – great showers and lower bills, what more could you want!?

Win a JetStorm Shower Head

We’ve got one of these fantastic JetStorm Shower Heads to give away to one lucky reader – to enter all you have to do is like this gadget review on Facebook and tell us (here or on Facebook) why you would like to win one . The winner will be chosen on the 22nd of Januaray 2011. Adh mór leis!

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