Out with the old, in with the Can-Do

Tin openers…. a rant

Tin openers, they mark a milestone in most of our lives – as soon as you learn how to use one you become independent, you can cook your own beans on toast, rustle up some alphabet spaghetti or just gorge yourself on some good old-fashioned cold custard from a tin.

It doesn’t have to be this way..

The ill-tempered and stubborn tin opener has been given a bye-ball for too long. For years we’ve continued to struggle with it in a similar vein to how we handled it at eight years of age. Our matured dexterity isn’t rewarded by any unobliging tin opener. Perhaps it’s our own fault for not questioning it or demanding better. We’ve just grown to accept it for what it is; a poorly designed, inefficient, rust-prone piece of kitchen drawer clutter. Held in high regard was he who had a ‘knack’ for opening tins and he who knew the secret of taming the tin opener. I was that person, I could open any tin with any tin opener, or so I thought. Impatience got the better of me and I finally cracked. I grew tired of hacking my way into tins with a temperamental tin-opener. There must be a better design I thought.

I finally cracked, I grew tired of hacking my way into tins with a temperamental tin-opener.

Enter, stage left, the Joseph Joseph Can-do

For years we’ve taken for granted that, like the wheel, a tin opener is a tin opener and will always look like a tin opener. That had been the case until Joseph Joseph took a long hard look and thought “we Can-Do better”.

But what can it do?

The Joseph Joseph Can-Do is revolutionary in its design. Its soft, round edges sit in stark comparison to the cold metal handles of each of its predecessors. Its ease and willingness to clamp onto any tin makes using it a joy to use. You simply place it atop of a tin, clamp it in place and turn the dial clockwise a handful of times. Less than half a dozen enjoyable rotations later and you’ll have a perfectly-cut circle. Click the button on the Can-Do and it will the smoothly-cut circle is released from its grasp. No more wounds from jagged edges or flakes of tin in your tuna. The Can-Do is the best way to open any tin can and is an absolute must-have utensil for your kitchen. Out with the old, in with the Can-Do!

Out with the old, in with the Can-Do!

OK, I’m sold. Can I see some pictures, please?

Any moving pictures?

Here’s one we prepared earlier. We didn’t want rice pudding…. we just wanted to open more tins!

(no rice pudding was wasted in the making of this gif)

Where can I get one?

UK: Argos, Lakeland, John Lewis, ebay, Amazon, Debenhams, J D Williams, Houseuk.com
Ireland: Brown Thomas, next.ie, ebay.ie, debenhams.ie
(know of more places to get the Can-Do? Email us: peter@gadgets.ie)

Enjoy! We’re off to open some sweet corn, kidney beans and peach slices…yum!

Peter loves all sorts of gadgets, from tin openers to jet fueled micro lights. He particularly likes any outdoor related gadgets, eco-friendly gadgets and anything photography related.When he's not reviewing gadgets you can find him out walking the hills with his pet tamagotchis

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