The Leap Pad Tablet For Kids

One of the latest innovations around at the moment and designed especially with your child in mind, is the Leap pad tablet for kids from LeapFrog. This is a tablet designed for children aged 4-9 that is fun, easy to use and also helps promote educational development while they play! Designed to be robust and withstand rough handling, the Leap Pad gives your child access to over 300 games, videos and apps – all based around having fun through learning and a wide range of subjects are covered from Maths through to Science, Geography and Reading. As well as being lots of fun, the Leap Pad also helps your child learn and develop without even realizing that is what they are doing!

The LeapFrog Leap Pad tablet for kids comes with a 5 inch colour touch screen that can be used either by fingers or by the handy stylus that accompanies it; which can also be used by your child to practice their handwriting ability. The Leap Pad also comes with a 2 GB memory and a built in video-camera so that your child can take their own pictures or make their own movies and is fully interactive with your child’s needs. It is light and easily transportable and so is a great toy to take in the car for any upcoming long journeys as it will help keep your child entertained for hours!

But by far one of the most original features of this device is The Learning Path, an online tool that allows you, the parent, to track your child’s progress and monitor how they are doing. After registering online, you can choose to receive regular updates by E-mail which then allow you to see in what areas, if any, your child may be struggling and to structure their learning play accordingly.The Leap Pad itself also automatically adjusts difficulty levels enabling your child to learn at their own pace and it is not for no reason that this Leap Pad tablet for kids received 2012’s prestigious Toy Of The Year award!!

This is a perfect gift for Christmas and there are some really reasonably priced,
great deals available on LeapFrog Leap pads at Tesco right now so there really has been no better time to buy! With lots of extra compatible games you can buy, many based around Disney movies such as Tangled and Toy Story, and lots of exciting apps you can download, this is one toy that will grow with your child and aid their educational development through fun learning for years to come.

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