The Mighty Optimus Crux

Optimus Crux
Maximum performance, minimum weight

Optimus Crux: Maximum Performance,  Minimum Weight

We’re proud to finally bring you this review of the infamous optimus crux. We believe this to be the most compact pocket stove available on the market, weighing in at just 83 grams it is certainly one of the lightest. We’ve been anticipating this moment for quite some time now so please be patient as we try to hold back our excitment.

The stove has a unique ‘fold-flat’ design, the stove head locks down into a vertical postion, the pot supports fold in on themselves and the gas control valve cleverly rotates and can be flipped inwards. All these ingenious designs contibute towards reducing the space occupied by the optimus crux when in transit; the stove is so compact it can even be stored in your shirt pocket.


Although the stove is compact it does not comprimise on power. The optimus crux boasts an output of 3000W – able to boil a litre of water in just 3 minutes, no other camping stove offers so much with so little. The optimus Crux comes complete with it’s own padded carry case which allows it to be stored in the well under the gas canister (see pictures below for more details)

All in all the Optimus Crux is a superb little stove, it offers so much versatiliy and takes up so little space. Ideal for picnics, walks, hikes and of course, for camping. This stove will not be given away in one of our free compitions (we love it too much) but do treat yourself to one. The optimus crux comes with a considerably low price tag of just €60/£50 – this is a compulsive pruchase for anyone who enjoys lightweight camping or fresh cups of tea on their sunday strolls.

Check out the Optimus Crux data sheet and the Optimus Crux Schematic diagram.Click to view the optimus crux datasheet

More pictures of the Mighty Optimus Crux

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