Penclic Mouse & Keyboard – The perfect desk top tag team

The Penclic Mouse B2 and the Mini Keyboard k2 – the perfect desk top tag team

A paperless office and a wireless desk – the stuff dreams are made of… today’s review gets us one step closer to the latter.

The incredibly sleek ‘Mini Keyboard K2’ and the stylish ‘Mouse B2’ from Penclic makes the perfect desk-top tag team. The neatly compact keyboard bills itself as combining ‘contemporary Scandinavian design superior ergonomics and function without sacrificing comfort for size’. We’d agree; it looks über-stylish with its grey board, its off-white keys and a nice bold orange return key complemented by a splash of orange digits on the number keys.

the subdued and relaxing colours are brought alive with the orange return key. Hitting carriage return

In terms of usability we’re sold. The keyboard has a low profile which naturally lets you rest your wrists on the table as your fingers do the dancing. The ‘Quiet-touch’ keys are easy to press, there’s no punching involved. Overall the experience is very easy. Apparently the Mini Keyboard K2’s compact size works to reduce repetitive strain injury issues from occurring.

Yes, yes. What about some tech…

The Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 works via 2.4Ghz wireless. It has one AAA 1.2V NiMH rechargable battery which is enough to power the keyboard for up to two months of typing. In our testing we only had to recharge the keyboard once after 5 weeks of use. Charging the keyboard is simple – a retractable mini USB cable (supplied) simply slots into the back of the keyboard and charges fully within two to three hours. The keyboard is clever in that it automatically sleeps and wakes up – it enters energy saving mode after 10 minutes of inactivity and can be woken with a simple keystroke. A 2.4Ghz receiver is supplied which simply slots into a USB socket on your machine and lets you fire characters from the keyboard to the screen without any wires – almost like magic.


If you’re tight on desk-top real estate then you can’t go wrong with the Penlic Mini Keyboard K2, it measures 285 mm x 162 mm and sits just 6 mm high (21 mm high at the top)

lower than a snake’s sagging pants…

Penclic Mouse B2

Whilst our two hands grace the keys of the Mini Keyboard K2 our other hand gracefully moves the cursor with an ease which has never been experienced before – the Penclic Mouse B2 is shaped like a pen and, like the late Sheamus Heaney’s squat pen did, sits snug as a gun.

The Mouse B2 works over bluetooth, pairing is easy and only ever needs to be done once. The auto-sleep and auto wake up function save on battery life and, like the Mini Keyboard K2, the Mouse B2 can be charged via USB – both have the same mini USB connection and so the one cable is suffice to charge both.

The Mouse B2 does take a while to get used to, whilst the Mouse B2 works ‘out of the box’ it takes the user a little longer to become accustomed to this new, yet naturally-feeling, way of pointing. I’m sure many short-tempered consumers have tried the Mouse B2 and given up after a day or two – my advice would be to give it a little longer and before long it will feel like an extension of your on wrist.

Between my finger and my thumb The squat pen Penclic Mouse B2 rests; snug as a gun.

All in all we’re sold on this Penclic duo, they’ve graced our desk tops for just over 5 weeks now and we’ve enjoyed every keystroke and every click. There are times when your hand yearns for the crippling grip of the old-school mouse, we love how you can still have your existing mouse plugged in to your machine at the same time as having the Penclic Mouse B2 plugged in enabling you to switch between both at will.

For more info and to see where you can pick up yours head on over to – tell them we sent ye, the good looking chaps over at!

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