Lig do scíth leis an PIP

The PIP (which stands for Personal Input Pod)  is a gadgetry revolution which, amongst other things, can help you fend against the trials and tribulations of our stress-packed days, the PIP will be launched with a series of games that reward you depending on your current state of relaxation.


This Irish-invented biosenser packs a lot of tech into a small and well-designed device, it sits between your thumb and forefinger and communicates with your iOS or Android device via bluetooth, the PIP reads your emotional states by detecting changes in the ability of your skin to conduct electricity.


The device has already completed the design phase and prototypes have been produced. Galvanic, the Dublin based company behind the pip, are receiving phenomenal feedback from trials across the world.



Daragh McDonnell, CTO at Galvanic, says the following about this new Irish innovation;

“PIP is a significant leap forward in terms of what can be done to manage stress but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The PIP undoubtedly has a number of potential usages from day-to-day convenience applications to consumer health benefits to shaking up lifestyle entertainment and gaming. The ubiquitous ownership of smart devices means that so much is possible and we are very excited to get into market and work with other innovators to help us realise PIP’s full potential.”

The PIP has already been very well received throughout the academic world and in particular by research scholars at the Interaction Design Lab (IDL) in Cornell University, New York who are working with the device in the development of their MoodLight –  a light that responds to how you feel.

“This type of technology has the potential to positively change how we live. At the Interaction Design Lab, our work focusses on creating technologies that automatically detect emotions and help people change behaviour. We’ve been using the PIP on what we call Moodlight, a light that knows how you feel. Research has shown that cultivating a sense of non-judgemental mindfulness of present experience can produce substantial improvements in wellbeing.” – Mark Matthews, Marie Curie Research Scholar, Interaction Design Lab at Cornell University



Galvanic have launched a campaign on KickStarter in a bid to raise $100,000 to get the PIP into production before the end of 2013, develop applications and create a software development kit (SDK) for third party developers. 11 days in and they’ve already raised almost $40,000 – a testimony to the potential and the real need for  the PIP in today’s world. Every little helps with getting this into production and only you can make it happen. Get involved and back the campaign from as little as $1, pledge $79 and get your very own PIP device along with your choice of one of three games or, if you’re feeling particularly flush, pledge $5000 and enjoy three days with the PIP team, a two night stay in a five star hotel and an invite to the exclusive PIP party to be held in Johnny Foxes,  the highest pub in Ireland. (There’s only 19 days left if you want to back the campaign so get you wallet out and start pledging).

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