PodRide – Build Your Own Bike…Car…Bike…thing

Enter Mikael Kjellman, a Swedish design engineer on a mission to stick two fingers up at fuel-guzzling V8’s develop a “weather-protected and more comfortable bicycle.” By all accounts it looks like he’s actually got the whole thing nailed – not only is his invention ‘weather-protected and comfortable’ but it’s electric and capable of doing 25km/h with a range of 60km.. that’s almost as good as a Nissan Leaf.

(mic drop)
enough boot space for two boots
The Central Driver Assistance Controller area (iPod, knee and boot not included)
The battery compartment (three AAA’s)
Under the hood
Ejector seat functionality
Steering wheels were so 2016 – what you need is a pair of steering sticks

Mikael been driving around, testing, debugging and improving his prototype for over a year before setting up a crowdfunding campaign to help get the design into production. To date, the campaign has raised over €60,000, which, according to his plans, will enable Mikael to develop ‘a complete kit with all the parts and materials needed’.

Vital Stats

Height: 180cm
Width: 75cm
Height: 145cm
Seat Height: 50cm
Weight: 70kg
Wheel: 20inch tires
Wheelbase: 88 cm
Turning radius: 1.75m
Motor: 250W electric
Gears: 14 speeds hub
Range: 60km
Speed: 25km/h
Co2 emissions: 7g/km (EU-electricity mix) (car 140g/km, Electric car 70g/km)
"real fun to drive"
250 watt crank shaft engine
air suspension
steering sticks
front windscreen wiper
summer ventilation
an electric heater

Where do I sign?

If you’re not sold on it then you clearly haven’t watched the video… this thing has more street cred than Bono with his shirt open.

Us when we finally get our hands on the wheel sticks

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