Polk Boom Swimmer Duo… still booming after 6 months on a single charge

Bluetooth speakers come and go but we think we’ve found a gem in the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo. This one’s a keeper. This compact yet mighty, dirt proof, water proof, shock proof speaker has earned our respect and is still throwing out the beats after six months… on a single charge! It just won’t quit.

The Polk Boom Swimmer Duo in its prime

Water proof, dirt proof and shock proof? I’m listening!

Mine takes pride of place in the shower. Where else would a waterproof speaker live? Every morning it provides the background to my wash… I say every morning (Saturdays and Sundays don’t count… I make a conscious decision to save water on those days…or perhaps I’m just a scruff)

What else can it do?

The immortal battery is not the only feather in its cap, its ease of use, powerful sound, advanced functionality and reasonable price tag all compete on similar levels to be its best feature. Where does one start?

Is it easy to use?

Operating the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo is a piece of cake, simply press the power button and it automatically tries to pair with any bluetooth device that it’s already been formally acquainted with. It makes a reassuring ‘beep’ when it has connected. The volume controls on the speaker do what they are supposed to but can also be used to handle calls or to navigate to the next or previous track. It has a built-in microphone for phone calls and crucially the sound from the Polk Boomer Swimmer Duo is loud enough to be heard under any shower (unless of course you choose to shower in the Niagara Falls). The one-touch operation of the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo means that your morning routine isn’t hampered by inept tech, it flows like the droplets of water running off your skin. You don’t need to switch the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo off – just deactivate the bluetooth connection on your phone and the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo powers down automagically. What a clever sausage!

Feature summary please…

  • Water proof (IPX7, up to 1 metre)
  • Shock proof
  • Dirt proof
  • Two Polk Boom Swimmer Duos can be linked together (wireless) for true stereo sound
  • Chargeable via micro USB (cable supplied)
  • Connects via headphone jack or bluetooth
  • Built in microphone for taking calls
  • Comes with a flexible loop for attaching to other objects
  • Comes with a suction cup attachment for attaching to any flat surface
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Automatic bluetooth pairing
  • Buttons to answer/end calls and to navigate next and previous tracks
  • Weight: 192g with flexible loop attachment, 163g with suction cup attachment

When it comes to waterproof bluetooth speakers this one ticks all the boxes and some we never knew existed.

When it comes to waterproof bluetooth speakers this one ticks all the boxes and some we never knew existed. The cherry on the cake is that it comes with two attachments – one to hang the speaker (securely!) (and anywhere!) and the other attachment lets you stick it fast to a flat surface, like a shower wall or a bathroom tile… it’s as if they knew!

Where can I bag one?

UK: Amazon, Connox, eBay
Ireland: Amazon, eBay

If you know of somewhere else which sells the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo then let us know: peter@gadgets.ie

To summarise…

We love this speaker and have no hesitations in recommending it to anyone in need of some good company in the shower. It’s also a great companion on camping trips, at festivals, barbecues or anywhere else where a dirt proof, water proof, shock proof speaker would be a welcome guest. There are cheaper products on the market but this one has class, quality, versatility and, importantly, fantastic audio quality.

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