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PRESS RELEASE: Broadband hub review: Sky Hub SR101

Whether at work or at home, in the office or on the street, chances are you’re connected to the Internet. The rise of the World Wide Web has completely transformed the way in which we live our lives and, as a result, our demands for internet services have grown.

Whilst mobile internet connections allow us to stay online even when out and about, our land-locked connections are still widely considered the most important. Once upon a time this connection occurred via a dial-up process. Now, broadband exists to offer an immediate connection that is faster, more secure and more stable.

Numerous factors affect your broadband connection – from the service availability in your area to the router or hub which you use – so how does one particular hub, the Sky Hub SR101, measure up?

Sky’s own broadband hub performs more than adequately for those interested in a stable and secure internet connection at home. Built-in features are designed specifically for Sky customers and ensure users get the most out of their service.

Perhaps the biggest benefit the router has over other models is that it can prioritise the TV connection over the internet connection when programmes are being downloaded or streamed. In the modern age, where television sets are increasingly benefitting from internet connectivity, this is a clear benefit and means customers should experience no disruption to their viewing when downloading content.

For the eco-conscious, the hub also switches to a low power mode when not in use, helping to conserve energy and keep your utility bills at an all time low.

In terms of appearances, the Sky Hub SR101 has a smooth and curved outline which fits well with modern homes. The classic white colour gives it an elegant and clean appearance which works well with current trends that have seen white goods become popular under the Apple revolution.

Proving that the hub is the perfect combination of form and function, stylish indicator lights are set strategically into the body of the unit. This ensures customers can track the status of their hub and broadband connection without having the appearance of the gadget impaired in any way.

Is the Sky Hub SR101 right for me?
When choosing your home broadband service, whether from Sky or another provider, it is important that you check the service availability for your home (just type your phone number into the Sky Broadband website to find out whether they cover your area) and look at the features of the router or hub which you’d use.

For anyone considering the Sky Hub SR101, the benefits are obvious. Not only do you get a stylish and attractive unit but you also get something which performs adequately in the home to support varying internet demands.

In addition to checking the specific products and packages on offer to you, you should check the rules surrounding the regulation of the electronic communications sector. In Ireland, this is overseen by The Commission for Communication Regulation (Comreg).

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