Win A PSP Case & V-Screen From RealView

We’re very proud to bring you this fantastic V-Sreen gadget from RealView – one of Ireland’s most exciting research and development companies specialising in optical technology. The V-Screen & Case is design specifically for the Sony PSP, the V-Screen uses RealView’s pioneering ‘Depth Enhancing Technology’ to enhance the whole video gaming experience by magnifying and adding depth  to the screen. Racing games, platform games and football games in particular have never been so good, things appear to jump out at you – it really does make portable gaming a whole lot more engaging. The V-Screen not only enhances your games but your videos too, it brings the PSP experience to a whole new level.

The V-Screen is unique from many other gadgets featured on in the sense that it’s actually made in Ireland, you’ll not see this badge on many products in this day and age;

The rugged ABS case protects both your PSP and the V-Screen itself, protecting them from scratches, knocks and bumps. The V-Screen box includes a silicone cushion insert which makes the V-Screen compatible with all types of PSP including the PSP 1000, PSP 2000, PSP 3000 and PSP Slim models. You also get a microfibre cleaning cloth which helps to keep both your PSP and the V-Screen clean.

The V-Screen uses unique, patented technology which was first developed for the medical world to enhance the depth cues hidden in existing images and now, thanks to RealView, PSP users throughout the world can experience this Depth Enhancement Technology.

(A 360 picture of the V-Screen is coming soon)

Win A V-Screen!

We’ve got a V-Screen to giveaway to one lucky [highlight color=”Orange”]G[/highlight] reader – all you have to do is like this rview on facebook an tell us below (or on Facebook) why you would like to win a V-Screen. We’ll choose the winner on the 22nd of February so get liking and start writing!  Ádh mór leis!


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