The Swan Teasmade

Fancy having a cup of tea waiting for you when you wake up… it may seem like a dream but itis in has in fact been a reality since 1891.

I came across this gadget on ebay, it sold for £12.38….. d’oh! It would have paid for itself after a week’s work. Check out the original auction page here. This model was made by Swan, a UK company who were synonymous with the manufacture of these gadgets. The machines were a combination of an alarm clock, bedside reading light come tea maker. Before the alarm goes off the gadget gets  busy preparing a cup of tea so that when the alarm does go off you have a fresh cup of tea waiting for you. Their range was aptly named ‘Teasmade’.

The very first such model was gas powered and is shown below. The gadget was designed in 1891 by Samuel Rowbottom of Manchester, UK.


The very first beside tea maker. 1891
The very first beside tea maker. 1891. Image courtesy of

Ever since the first teamaker machine was invented in 1891 it has been modified and  improved with numerous models coming out. Swan, Uk, entered the market in the 1980s and quickly became the prominent manufacturer of beside tea makers. The Swan range, called Teasmade, ceased production at some point in the 1990’s dues to the increase in demand for the coffee maker. But never fear! The Teasmade ‘wake you up and make you a cup of tea’ gadget is back on the market!

The new Swan Teasmade, 2009
The new Swan Teasmade, 2009

The model has been redesigned and re-released for those of you who would enjoy waking up to find a fresh cup of tea right beside you….that’s pretty much everyone. The Teasmade press release can be read here. The new Teasmade is priced around£60 (approx 80 Euro) and available from a number of retailers including John Lewis.

Want one? Here’s some Swan Teasmade gadgets we’ve found on ebay

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