The GeoOrbital – Front wheel drive for your bike

The GeoOrbital, a revolutionary, battery-powered front bicycle wheel, has taken off (quite literally) over on Kickstarter. With six days to go, the team behind the project have already smashed their original target 14 times over with more than $1,000,000 pledged.

The GeoOrbital doesn’t just smash targets, it completely challenged the traditional approach to ebike design and has effectively blown every other solution out of the water. Quite simply, this pat-pending innovation is the future of ebikes.

Q – ebike?
A – GeoOrbital

The GeoOrbital replaces your front bicycle wheel and in less than 60 seconds your bike is converted into a powerful electric bike capable of doing 20 miles on a single charge (or 50 if you give it some pedal).

We absolutely love the design, the engineering and the craftsmanship behind the GeoOrbital and believe me, if we had $699 (and permission from the missus…) then we would have one on pre-order… DAMN!

An exploded view of the GeoOrbital
The GeoOrbital wheel in motion
The GeoOrbital throttle and battery level indicator

Read more and pre-order yours over on kickstarter and remember kids, without this talented and pioneering team on visionaries we might still be playing with electric drills…

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